Tima Abid’s fabulous clothes, «I captured the light»

Precious creations with premium materials narrate, through sartorial art, the eternal contrast between light and shadow. Tima Abid shares in an exclusive interview her Haute Couture SS 2024 collection, featuring dresses that reflect and shine with light.



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Cover photo: ph. AN/ Huda Bashatah

When fashion and light intertwine, the shine of minimalist craftsmanship emerges from the shadows, enchanting with its meticulous attention, refined decorations, and selection of precious materials. Tima Abid, a Saudi fashion designer, has cast a bright light on events like Paris Fashion Week and Riyadh Fashion Week with a collection that aims at ‘capturing the light and making it tangible’ as the designer herself revealed in an exclusive interview for Atmosfera Magazine. Her sartorial creations, veritable dresses of light, let one touch and wear splendour, preserving the secret of luxury in reflective fabrics and the meticulous artisanal dedication employed in their creation.

1. Riyadh Fashion Week - Ph. Courtesy @TIMAABID

Tima, the Spring Summer 2024 is a hymn to the life cycle, oscillating between two opposites: light and shadows. How did you come up with the idea of integrating light so significantly into the fabrics of the dresses and accessories? 

«The inspiration first came from the antithesis of day and night, light and darkness, brilliance and shadows. I wanted to use my designs to bring the idea to life figuratively and literally. I wanted to experiment with glimmers and their opposite. I wanted to capture the light and physically bring it on the dresses».

The Haute Couture collection shows stones, sequins, beads, tulle, satin and rare materials. Which ones did you choose and select to showcase and reflect light in your SS 2024 collection?

«I chose many sequins, feathers of various types, gilded leaves, and metal, threads of gold and silver. I focused a lot on the use of fabrics and materials. I think it all comes from textile processing: the composition and the use of elements where light can truly ‘speak’ and capture the eyes. I felt this: I was manipulating light and embodying its presence, making it tangible».

2. Riyadh Fashion Week - Ph. Courtesy @TIMAABID

Some dresses are jewels. What is your concept of luxury, and how can light represent formal care?

«My dresses are jewels to me. Each dress in the collection has been made, cut, sculpted, and polished as if it were a rare jewel. My idea of luxury is exactly this. It is an art form treated with care and made by skilled and authentic hands. For me, real luxury is time, and the time spent to create a piece, using the most refined material, represents its pinnacle».

Which colours are most suitable to make the dresses shine?

«I like to experiment with colours and materials. The composition can reflect light or attract it. As far as colours are concerned, usually the lighter colours shades that reflect the light best. However, the type of material makes a big difference. With the right fabric, even black can be reflective!».

3. Riyadh Fashion Week - Ph. Courtesy @TIMAABID

What is the role of headpieces in a Haute Couture look? And how do they integrate with the idea of light?

«My headpieces are part of the look. They are a complementary work of art. I use many sequins, crystals, and threads of silver and gold to capture and reflect light from all different angles».

Tima, do you usually create your models during the day or at night? Do you prefer darkness or light for your inspiration?

«I only create when I am inspired. My drawings are an art to me. Being a designer is more of a passion than just a day job. So, I tend to draw inspiration from the world around me and what is inside me. It drives me to study opposites, to observe and reflect on these thoughts. There is no specific moment for inspiration; there have been many nights when I have dreamt of something and woken up to draw it. Sometimes I am on a journey or sitting quietly, and inspiration drives me to draw, to start my design and experimentation process».

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