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Light and speed are intrinsically interconnected. Magnetic waves propagate into the void at 299792458 m/s. This value has been established as a standard and is the base unit of length in the International System. In other words, light is the measure of the world. In addition, light determines the colour and appearance of everything we know. 


Today, the world itself is travelling at light speed in terms of sociocultural changes, historical events, technological innovation, emergence of new trends. Dealing with light means dealing with the relationship between us and what surrounds us. ATMOSFERA is a magazine that aims to explore light from all angles, starting from lighting design, a discipline whose purpose is to manipulate and domesticate light by uncovering and mastering all its secrets. 


Those who work in the field of lighting design pursue a task which is simultaneously lofty and challenging – giving a shape to space, establishing the precise identity of a material, manipulating reality. To put it more concretely, those who work in the field of lighting design are tasked with shedding light where once was darkness. It seems no small feat. ATMOSFERA will be the digital space where this process is illustrated and will inspire readers by walking them through a journey of cultural research and information that aspires to be reputable, reliable and international in scope.

“Dealing with light means dealing with the relationship between us and what surrounds us. ”

Through features, interviews, and contributions by experts, designers, light-artists and professionals, we will illustrate the universe of lighting design, tracing back historical milestones and examining the present with an active attitude in order to decipher the future of this sector, and – why not? – also of the world around us. We will also take care to highlight new trends and new imaginaries, as well as themes that are central to our time such as environmental sustainability, technological and digital development, energy saving. 


ATMOSFERA will be the venue to read about light in all its forms. 

May the journey begin – at the speed of light.

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