The New Products of Light+Building 2024

From devices improving outdoor environment quality to new products for interacting and playing with light. Here are some highlights from Light+Building 2024.
From devices improving outdoor environment quality to new products for interacting and playing with light. Here are some highlights from Light+Building 2024.

Technical performance, energy savings, and great design define the new lighting trends at Light+Building 2024, featuring sculptural lamps, dramatic suspensions, and the reboot of simple yet brilliant technologies from the past.

Innovation and Design: Unusual Materials at Light+Building 2024

One of the most eccentric and evocative innovations is Canopée, a pendant lamp designed by young Belgian designer Nicolas Verschaeve for Martinelli Luce, a sculpture for interaction and play. Inspired by nature, specifically the canopy of trees swayed by the wind, this light piece is a delicate yet solid creation. The pendant consists of a central disc, crafted using a technical fabric from Serge Ferrari for the nautical sector, light and compact, serving as a reflective surface and diffuser for the integrated LED source. From it hang three cylinders which, when rotated or pulled, adjust the inclination and height of the disc, thus modulating the intensity of the light to create different atmospheres.

1. Canopée by Martinelli Luce - ph. Annabelle Fadat

Wish You Were Here by Carolina Gismondi de Bevilacqua, a new release from Artemide, revisits the optical principle used in the Discovery model (designed by the company’s founder, engineer Ernesto Gismondi) utilizing a PMMA sheet. When off, the product is almost invisible, gaining volume when turned on as light spreads through a pattern of micro-engravings on the plastic material’s surface.

2. Wish You Were Here by Artemide

Light+Building 2024: Lamps Playing with Perception and Sound Absorbing Models

DeltaLight introduces Nebbia, a wall lamp designed by Park Associati, inspired by Milanese fog and the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. From a distance it appears to be made of different materials, yet a closer look reveals the glass diffuser, featuring smooth edges and a textured front. Its IP65 rating also makes it suitable for outdoor use.

3. Nebbia by Deltalight

Marc Sadler designed Lullaby for Prolicht, a sound-absorbing pendant lamp adaptable to any space. This series features six rectangular panels that easily interlock in any configuration, offering 32 colour options for complete customization.

4. Lullaby by Prolicht

Customizable Solutions at Light+Building 2024

The STELLR® model by American company Lucifer Lighting piques interest. This pendant or ceiling light, crafted from a unique polymer, turns opaque when lit and remains transparent when off. The STELLR® houses two concealed, independently adjustable light sources, offering dimmable warm lighting. 

STELLR® by Lucifer Lighting - ph. Teo Sandigliano

Together, they can enhance the ambiance, mood, and circadian rhythms, thereby elevating the quality of the indoor environment.

Atmosfera Mag at Light + Building 2024

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