Architecture and Light: An Inseparable Bond

Unveiling the bond between architecture and light across scales—from objects to displays, interiors, and urban lighting. Relive the tales of master architects and today's avant-garde approaches.



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Our daily surroundings, whether at home, work, or in the city, keep evolving with the diverse objects and products that inhabit them. Among these, objects that produce and control artificial light are increasingly significant. With their intricate, rich designs, they stir emotions and shape our space perception. 

We live in a landscape where artificial light is central. This world brims with different shapes, shades, sparkles, rhythms, paths, and occasional light displays, helping us identify a lamp or light source. With a touch of creativity, they transform spaces uniquely and beautifully.

1. Alfonso Femia, Villa Borromeo d'Adda, Arcore - ph. Stefano Anzini, courtesy of AF517

The Role of Light in Architectural Design

Throughout architectural history, we find both iconic images deeply rooted in our memory and some overlooked or forgotten. Renowned architects and budding designers shape this landscape with lighting solutions, from small touches to architectural innovations, crafting unique languages. Our spaces, whether residential, work-related, or urban, continue to change primarily due to artificial lighting objects

2. Edificio in Corso Italia 13 by Park Associati - ph. Andrea Martiradonna

The synergy between space and light is not just functional; it’s a profound expression tool that alters our connection to the built environment. The interplay between architecture and light is captivating and inherent in space design. This bond has intrigued and inspired designer and architect generations. In 1923, Le Corbusier wisely stated, “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light,” underscoring lighting’s pivotal role in architecture. This view continually shapes architecture and design worlds.

Interdisciplinary Fusion of Art and Light in Spatial Design

Several designers have leveraged light extraordinarily to craft unique spaces

Moreover, collaborations between artists and architects have led to unparalleled creations, emphasizing light’s central role. This interdisciplinary approach has turned homes and workplaces into genuine architectural masterpieces.

3. Bruno Vaerini. Architetture 1983-2001, Exhibition at Teatro Sociale of Bergamo, 2001 - ph. Gabriele Basilico

Lastly, architectural works and artist installations highlight light’s significance in transforming public spaces, granting them an artistic dimension and crafting immersive experiences for visitors. Light becomes a magical insight that turns the built environment into an emotion-filled, story-rich space that deeply impacts our perception and interaction with our surroundings.

4. These lights will vibrate whenever lightning strikes in Italy during thunderstorms. This work is dedicated to anyone passing by who will think of the sky by Alberto Garutti. View of the work at Ca’ Corniani, Caorle - Ph. Agostino Osio

The Timeless Significance of Light in Architecture Through the Ages

History teaches us that architecture has always embraced artificial light as crucialFrom homes to workplaces and public squares, artificial light provides not just functional illumination but also enriches the atmosphere and space experience. 

5.Tomb of Absalom in Jerusalem - ph. Perry Easy

Architects and designers persistently push creativity boundaries in designing innovative lighting solutions, making our daily environment a landscape teeming with emotive, luminous nuances.

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