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«When I began working, I saw light as a tool to express a part of my soul and an artistic side of mine, over time this perception has evolved, and light has mostly become an opportunity for me to tell a story».

There are many ways to define Davide Groppi – who doesn’t like the term “designer” – artist, inventor, narrator of light. He’s the winner of prestigious awards such as Edida, Design Plus and two ADI Compasso D’oro, but what goes beyond any definition is his work. He is recognized all over the world as an excellence that surpasses any canon of elegance and passing fashions, making room for the amazement that only those with an innate talent in communicating with light can ignite.

SPOTLIGHT ON is ATMOSFERA’s video-interview column, where we talk to internationally renowned professionals, discovering their relationship with light, their vision on the future of the industry, solutions for a greater sustainability and what continues to inspire them to come out with new ideas.

We could not have been happier than to have the chance to inaugurate this space with Davide Groppi.


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