Light+Building 2024 Design Insights: Lamps Trends and Innovations

Texture, customization, smart solutions for contract worlds, lights as sculptures, and tech for health are key trends seen at Light+Building 2024.
Texture, customization, smart solutions for contract worlds, lights as sculptures, and tech for health are key trends seen at Light+Building 2024.

The Light+Building fair kicked off yesterday at Messe Frankfurt, marking a pivotal moment for the global lighting industry. This year’s theme, ‘Be Electrified‘, promotes greater sustainability and focuses on a broad spectrum including electrical engineering, home automation, technologies and solutions for urban and contract spaces, plus integration with photovoltaic systems, mobility and electrical infrastructure. A walkthrough of the pavilions reveals a snapshot of the innovative and complex projects set to hit the market soon, highlighting the emerging trends in lighting for the near future.

Materials: the stars of new Light+Building Lamps

Sustainability is a recurring theme, but there’s a renewed emphasis on the interplay of materials and light: think new colours, raw and brushed metallic finishes, stone lampshades showcasing textures, and fabrics taking a front seat. For instance, Gong, designed by Francesca Vilaró for LedsC4, softens the ambience with its filtered light and tactile lampshade, available in three standard finishes with fabric customization options.

1. Gong by Francesc Vilaró for LedsC4 - ph. Teo Sandigliano

Beyond conventional materials, the new Rotonda pendant lamp by Schmitz|Wila features lampshades made of handcrafted ultrafine basalt fabric, which offers durability and a unique moiré effect that varies from one lamp to the other.

2. Rotonda by Schmitz|Wila - ph. Teo Sandigliano

Design trends at Light+Building: invisible light sources

A key trend at L+B 2024 is the clever integration of light sources within the product, making them invisible. Loop (2023) by Rubén Saldaña for Arkoslight uses a glass body as a diffuser, encasing aluminium discs with integrated lights. This approach turns the product into a daytime sculpture, enhancing spaces even when switched off.

3. Loop by Arkoslight

Light+Building highlights: easy installation and customizable lights

Flexibility and customization are buzzwords for numerous fair exhibits. Wever & Ducrè‘s Tapis series features wall lamps with a wavy structure that beautifully plays with light. These models can be combined to create striking wall sculptures.

4. Tapis 3.0 by Wever & Ducrè

Similarly, ease of maintenance is crucial, especially in contract environments. IDV‘s Due Punto series introduces magnet-like bulbs that attach to wall-mounted structures, simplifying electricity flow. Paranocta‘s Bulbee, a versatile lighting body for various products, is rechargeable and controllable via smartphone, offering convenience in any setting.

5. Bulbee by Paranocta - photo courtesy of Paranocta

Technological advancements also stand out, with smart products aimed at energy efficiency, apps for light control, and IoT components that adapt lighting to space, weather, and well-being needs. 

6. M-Farm by Maltani

South Korea’s Maltani, for instance, offers controlled device management on the SmartThings platform and introduces Violeds LED UV technology for sterilization, as well as M-Farm, a slim, smart LED solution for horticulture.

Atmosfera Mag at Light + Building 2024

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