Light + Building 2024: A New Edition Preview

Light + Building, the must-attend event for fans of lighting design and building technology, returns to Frankfurt from 3 to 8 March 2024.
Light + Building, the must-attend event for fans of lighting design and building technology, returns to Frankfurt from 3 to 8 March 2024.

Light + Building 2024, the biennial hub for leading manufacturers in lighting, electrical engineering, and more, will host over 2,000 exhibitors worldwide in Frankfurt. This event will showcase the latest trends, featuring significant participation from countries like Italy, Turkey, Spain, and China, highlighting its global reach.

1. Light&Building 2024

Innovation and Design in Lighting

Lighting is central to Light + Building 2024, taking up about 64% of the exhibition space. The eastern fairgrounds, featuring pavilions 3-4-5-6-8 and the Forum connected by the Via Mobile, will spotlight both technical and decorative lighting

2. Light&Building 2024

Key players such as Bega, iGuzzini, and Zumtobel will be present, with Hall 3.1 focusing on design-centric decorative lighting. Hall 4.0 will showcase urban lighting, and Hall 4.1 will cover industrial and emergency lighting solutions.

Future Trends at Light + Building 2024

Light + Building 2024 will present the forefront of lighting innovation, highlighting multifunctional space use under the Work + Living concept and design-forward trends emphasizing functional yet eye-catching lamps.

3. Light&Building 2024

Sustainable materials and sound-absorbing lamps are gaining interest, with Bora.herke.palmisano identifying key themes for the 2024-25 season.

4. Light&Building 2024

Events and Conferences

«The main focus is on exhibitor innovations and booth visits,” emphasizes Johannes Möller, director of Light + Building. “Our event program offers additional benefits that turn the fair into a special moment».

The Building Plaza and Design Plaza will feature conferences and seminars on topics like sustainability and digitalization, with themed guided tours providing deeper insights into selected stands. The latter serves as the lighting arena, featuring speakers from the German Electrical and Digital Industry Association (ZVEI).

5. Light&Building 2024

Design Plaza also marks the starting point for themed guided tours. Here, renowned architects and experts will guide attendees through selected stands to highlight and discuss their most innovative aspects. Additionally, the International Women in Lighting Association will celebrate its fifth anniversary on March 8, International Women’s Day, highlighting women’s roles in the world of lighting design.

Atmosfera Mag at Light + Building 2024

Atmosfera Mag will offer live updates from Light + Building 2024, highlighting innovations and key moments through Instagram and our website. Expect exclusive interviews and analyses on lighting and building services trends.

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