Cassina lighting collection: a celebration of light, art, and craftsmanship

Cassina Lightning explores the centrality of light in the home with a collection that brings together established authors and emergent talents.
Cassina Lightning explores the centrality of light in the home with a collection that brings together established authors and emergent talents.

Cassina expands its vision of the home with a new lighting collection. Inspired by Cesare Cassina, who co-founded Flos in 1962, the company showcases new and established designers who embody The Cassina Perspective

1. Cassina Lighting Collection - ph. Luca Merli

The Cassina Lighting Collection, which will evolve over time, offers new creations and decorative lighting. The products, available globally, will be sold in Cassina Stores, online, and selected retailers from autumn 2023.

The artistic fusion of light and design in the Cassina Lighting Collection

Much more than simple lamps and furnishings. The works of the Cassina Lightning Collection are art installations that can profoundly transform the design of spaces by dialoguing with furniture. The Italian designer Tobia Scarpa, for instance, presents a lighting system originally created as a wall installation at Ca’ Scarpa Archivi Ricerche in Treviso. EITIE is a luminous line that can be connected in various ways through circular metal joints, hiding a smart technology. Cassina developed this design into a wall, pendant, table, and floor lamp collection, with different effects and rotations. 
2. EITIE Lighting system by Tobia Scarpa | Cassina Lighting Collection - ph. Andrea Bartolucci

Also participating in the collection is the famous French designer Philippe Stark, with a contemporary and timeless creation that celebrates the tradition of hand-glazed ceramic in the French Riviera. Valor.S is a table and wall lamp with a smooth and organic shape, enhanced by rich and vibrant colors that evoke the beauty of the glazed ceramic that Pablo Picasso and other artists such as Chagall and Cocteau revealed to the world from a small village in France, Vallauris.

3. Valor.S table and wall lamp by Philippe Starck | Cassina Lighting Collection - ph. Paola Pansini

Not only famous designers but also new talents to discover. Linde Freya Tangelder is a young talent who joined Cassina in 2022 thanks to the Patronage project. Wax, Stone, Light is her collection of sculptural columns inspired by liquid materials that solidify into glass. The designer explored the facets of glass, its transparencies, textures, and light effects, to create an atmospheric object. The collection consists of five columns of different sizes made with Murano glass cubes blown by craftsmen and hand-worked with wax.

4. Wax, Stone, Light floor and table lamp by Linde Freya Tangelder | Cassina Lighting Collection - ph. Andrea Bartolucci

Lastly, Paolo Ulian’s Fluxus-E is a playful table lamp that transforms with a simple gesture. The concept originated from Ulian’s tribute to Baron Bic, using the tubes of the famous pen. 

5. Fluxus-E table lamp by Paolo Ulian - Starck | Cassina Lighting Collection - ph. Paola Pansini

Cassina developed Fluxus-E with a LED module that illuminates the lamp and the surroundings, while LED spotlights under each tube cast a warm light through the glass. The tubes can be oriented outward, inward, alternating, or randomly, like flowers or sea creatures. The lamp, made of glass and aluminum, can be easily assembled, disassembled, and recycled.

Unveiling the exclusive project by Charles and Ray Eames

The Cassina Lighting Collection is inspired by the lighting projects of Charles and Ray Eames, the iconic American designers who founded the Eames Office in 1941. Their work spanned architecture, furniture, industrial design, photography, cinema, and exhibition design, always with a keen eye for natural light. Cassina, with its passion for the Modern Movement and its expertise in historical research and production, collaborated with the Eames Office to explore these projects and their documentation. 

6. Ray (second from left) and Charles (right) looking at the Galaxy prototype in Eames Office workshop in 1949 © Eames Office, LLC, 2023

The result is a remarkable philological research that will bring these projects to light with the launch of the first Eames Lighting collection in 2024.

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