Icon Tower: exceptional residential lighting by Sigala-Lighting

Discover Sigala-Lighting's exceptional residential lighting design in Icon Tower, Limassol, where beauty meets sustainability.



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Residential lighting design combines aesthetics with functionality to create living spaces that are both beautiful and sustainable. Sigala-Lighting, a renowned architectural lighting design studio based in Athens, Greece, excels in crafting lighting environments that balance advanced technology with human-centric solutions.

1. Icon Tower lighting by Sigla-Lighting ph. Marios Ioannou

One of their most impressive projects is the Icon Tower in Limassol, Cyprus, completed in January 2022 for Imperio Properties. Inspired by a luminescent diamond, this high-rise mixed-use building seamlessly integrates with the dark sky, achieving zero light pollution. The design, led by Hara Sigala, underlines simplicity and elegance, with concealed LED strips creating a uniform luminous line that highlights the diamond shape of the building.

2. Icon Tower lighting by Sigla-Lighting ph. Marios Ioannou

The residential floors feature a dynamic lighting puzzle, where lit and dark areas vary based on occupancy, transforming balconies into luminous cubes offering multiple façade lighting scenarios. This innovative approach adds visual interest and energy efficiency by using light only where needed. The entrance lobby welcomes visitors with luxurious lighting that underlines the sloping stone walls and interior textures, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere

3. Icon Tower lighting by Sigla-Lighting ph. Marios Ioannou

The two-storey parking area boasts a luminous foundation with concealed lighting integrated into the louvres, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal. The pool bar’s vibrant illumination enlivens the centre of the façade, acting as a focal point that draws attention and adds a festive ambience. Inside, the lighting design focuses on creating an environment with high visual comfort, allowing guests to enjoy the stunning sea view without any glare. 

4. Icon Tower lighting by Sigla-Lighting ph. Marios Ioannou

Sustainability was a fundamental point in the project, with energy-efficient fixtures operating on a dimmer preset through a DALI control system to ensure optimal efficiency. The warm colour temperature of less than 2700K in all exterior applications protects nocturnal species, while the custom-made LED façade profiles, covered by resin material and ultra-durable powder coating, ensure long-lasting performance in the marine environment. 

6. Icon Tower lighting by Sigla-Lighting ph. Marios Ioannou

By choosing local providers, Sigala-Lighting also minimized the carbon footprint associated with the project.

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