Euroluce 2023: the most surprising installations at Salone del Mobile

The Zen Garden in the city centre, colours or total white, the padded room and the indoor gardens: the most beautiful settings of the Fair (and two gems at Fuorisalone)
The Zen Garden in the city centre, colours or total white, the padded room and the indoor gardens: the most beautiful settings of the Fair (and two gems at Fuorisalone)

What is left of Euroluce 2023, now that Salone del Mobile.Milano is over? New products, of course, but also images of installations and settings that stood out for their innovative concepts and over-the-top ideas. The lighting Biennial has staked everything on renewal. Exhibitions, shows, a schedule full of talks and, above all, a new layout which successfully hit the target by encouraging flows and visits to the various pavilions.

Grouped in macro-islands and opening onto large aisles, the stands tried to capture the attention with open plans or spectacular entrances, with minimalist moods or guerrilla-gardening accents. This storytelling through spaces has followed different currents: it has been immersive and catalysing, underlining all the features of the new products; it has struck the public with captivating settings or refined sobriety.

1. Stand Flos - Ph. Diego Ravier

Creativity and innovation among the Booths at Euroluce 2023

Wandering around the spaces of Euroluce 2023, one cannot fail to notice the 800 square meters “inhabited” by volumes of different shapes and heights, almost forming a small village. This was the concept of the Flos stand by Calvi Brambilla (who are also the brand’s design curators) for a journey which, from room to room, revealed the latest products of the brand, including technical and decorative lights and renewed historical models. The outdoor collection was installed in a hilly micro-landscape designed by Studio Lilo from Berlin. The “green” focus of the Brescia-based company was not the only one; the biophilic trend has been interpreted in unusual ways, with an oriental twist in the Zen Garden at the centre of the Penta-Castaldi space; in a raw way more oriented towards materials in the wooden stand of the Spanish brand Vibia.
2. Stand Vibia - Ph. Diego Ravier

Sempli-City was the title of the artistic setting designed by Studio Milo for Axolight. The new collections and range extensions were presented in sets which reminded domestic micro-worlds in neutral colours, made special thanks to the illustrations by Marta Lonardi which served as a backdrop for family living rooms or outdoor areas from the very first glance.

3. Stand Axolight - Ph. Michele Mescolin

The “padded room” by DCW Éditions, the energizing colours chosen by Contardi and the female artisans at work in the Slamp stand – who were busy giving life to the brand’s lamps to demonstrate how avant-garde and tradition can go hand in hand – all brought a smile.

4. Stand DWC - Ph. Diego Ravier

(IM)POSSIBLE NATURE and Beyond Form: the most evocative installations at 2023 Fuorisalone

Beyond the exhibition centre, in the very heart of Milan, the 2023 Design Week came alive with extraordinary openings, special installations and events. The world of lighting, mainly based in the Durini district (today Milan Design District) and in Brera, expressed itself in exceptional locations and in single-brand stores.
5. (IM)POSSIBLE NATURE - Foscarini

One of the most interesting installations at Fuorisalone 2023 was undoubtedly (IM)POSSIBLE NATURE by Ferruccio Laviani at Foscarini showroom in Corso Monforte 19. A wild garden made of grasses and uncultivated herbs reclaimed the façade and the interior sections of the space, serving as a quick break in the hectic urban rhythm.

On the other hand, the installation by Studio Milo for Masiero’s exhibition was very ethereal. In Milan’s via Statuto 16, with a dreamlike and surreal twist Studio Milo created the Oltre la Forma – Beyond Form scenic design for the launching of the Visio lamps by Nava + Arosio. The surrealist approach of the products, of human faces made of metal tubes with bright spheres of opaline glass in place of earrings and pupils, was infinitely multiplied into a labyrinth of curved walls and mirrors, where you could pleasantly get lost like Alice in a Design subworld.

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