Applique 2024: bridging tradition and innovation

The latest appliques merge innovative design with the reuse of traditional materials, refreshing the aesthetic of wall lamps.



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Whether blending subtly into the walls or boldly defining a space, appliques are the ideal lighting solution for every setting, from bedrooms to living areas and even outdoors. The latest wall applique offerings range from revisiting classic materials like blown glass and ceramics to modern creations with minimalist, linear metal forms. The heart of these innovations is technology: LED lights at 2700 or 3000 K provide warm, welcoming light, and nearly all are dimmable for tailored lighting experiences.

Correctly positioning your appliques

Although there are no inescapable rules and every design must be based on harmony, wall lights should be mounted at a height of a maximum of 2 metres and 30 centimetres. This placement avoids obstruction of view while ensuring optimal ambient lighting, both in downlight and indirect uplight. For bedside reading lamps, the recommended height is between 1.4 and 1.8 meters.

Glass: a timeless classic reimagined

Wall lamps made of glass, a staple in design history, are experiencing a renaissance in new appliques. Whether it’s a mini globe with PVD treatment in Occhio‘s Luna or mirrored in stainless steel in Artemide‘s Se|eS, glass brings luxury and richness to modern designs.

The decorative charm of new appliques

From standalone pieces to pairs, the new appliques add a decorative touch to living areas or hallways. Explore the bass-relief world with Foscarini‘s Intervallo, a sacred image from Ceramica Gatti 1928 reinterpreted as a wall lamp, or break the mould with Luceplan‘s unique Illan, featuring a delicately unfolding wooden lampshade.

Embracing minimalism with new appliques

The new appliques, like Axo Light‘s Lik Plus in white painted metal, opt for a style that blends seamlessly with the wall, providing a classically understated choice. Karman‘s Turn It stretches vertically, featuring a rotatable light source for direct or indirect lighting effects.

1. Se|eS WALL - Artemide

1. Se|eS WALL by Artemide​

Designed by Carolina Gismondi de Bevilacqua and Daniele Moioli, this applique features a mirrored disc on both sides with a continuous light placed laterally. The reflective stainless steel surface expands the space and can be oriented vertically for multiple perspectives.

2. Intervallo - Foscarini

2. Intervallo by Foscarini

Halfway between sculpture, decorative object, and lamp, Andrea Anastasio‘s design revisits an archive subject from Ceramica Gatti 1928. The glossy helmet-coloured bass relief mounts the light source on the back, creating an illusion of floating off the wall.

3. Illan - Luceplan

3. Illan by Luceplan

Lightweight and eco-friendly, this applique is made from laser-cut plywood, forming thin sections that naturally unfold to reveal the wood’s grain and shades, mirroring the design of the chandelier by Zsuzsanna Horváth.

4. Luna - Occhio

Featuring exclusive Fireball technology, the light source appears to float within the glass body, reminiscent of the moon. The sphere and support are PVD coated in two shades, phantom and dark chrome.

4. Luna by Occhio

5. Turn It - Karman

5. Turn It by Karman

Designed by Rocco Este, this essential applique generates a vertical light beam that can be directed by rotating its aluminium bar. Available in white and black, in 150 and 200 cm sizes.

6. Lik Plus - Axolight

6. Lik Plus by Axolight

 A minimalistic sign on the wall, this metal applique – ideal for pairing – can be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, even in high-humidity areas like bathrooms and spas. It features a warm dimming system to adjust light intensity and colour temperature designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen.

7. Allure - iGuzzini

This outdoor applique’s strength lies in its engineering, presenting a minimalistic, monochromatic parallelepiped flush with the optical case, with an option for a softer, contrasting raster. It offers up/down light emission and asymmetric light emission developed by iGuzzini for soft, non-dazzling light.

7. Allure by iGuzzini

8. Flyer - Prandina

While not strictly an applique, this wall-mounted lamp with an arm is perfect for replacing central light points above a table or sofa. Available in matte white and black with downlight emission, it’s customizable and also comes in an IP55 version for outdoor use.

8. Flyer by Prandina

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