Cutting-Edge Healthcare Lighting Designs by Emerging Studios

Discover how emerging studios are redefining healthcare spaces with innovative lighting designs that blend aesthetics and functionality for enhanced well-being.



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Lighting design in healthcare is transforming, led by emerging designers and studios whose innovation enhances well-being and functionality. These projects exemplify the marriage of aesthetic appeal and practical application in healthcare environments, where lighting plays a pivotal role in patient and client experiences.

Inspire Pilates

1. Inspire Pilates - ph. Nicole Reed

Inspire Pilates in Melbourne, designed by Sharlene Jayawardena with team members David Justice and Wendy Bergman, stands out for its precision in lighting that mimics natural light dynamics. 

2. Inspire Pilates - ph. Nicole Reed

This Pilates studio harnesses tunable white lighting to adapt to various activities such as prenatal classes and evening socials, creating a versatile space that caters to physical and emotional wellness.


3. LuxLinea - ph. Steven Ko Interior Photography

In Tokyo, LuxLinea by KTX Archilab, led by Tetsuya Matsumoto, tackles the challenges of a bustling urban setting for an ophthalmology clinic. The ingenious use of vertical lighting lines inside combats external glass reflections while ensuring patient privacy. 

4. LuxLinea - ph. Steven Ko Interior Photography

This design transforms the clinic into a mesmerizing spectacle of light at night, reflecting the city’s vibrancy and enhancing patient experience.

Gym Town

5. Gym Town - ph. Nacása & Partners Inc

Gym Town, located in the heart of Hong Kong and designed by Pete Shing of Cundall, reflects a luxurious Mars-themed fitness environment. The strategic use of lighting delineates different zones within the gym and enhances the thematic décor, promoting an otherworldly escape for fitness enthusiasts. 

6. Gym Town - ph. Nacása & Partners Inc

The emphasis on sustainability in Gym Town’s lighting design aligns with broader environmental goals, setting a benchmark in eco-friendly design practices.

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