3 Studios and Designers Working on Immersive Lighting

Discover the latest in Immersive Lighting Projects. Innovative designs by emerging talents, blending art with cutting-edge technology.



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In the ever-changing design world, emerging designers and studios are pushing the boundaries of creativity with immersive lighting projects. These projects are not just eye-catching but also involve the audience in unique and interactive experiences. We explore some of the most captivating projects in this field.

1.THE METAROOM - Credits by Expolight

Wavespace – Lachlan Turczan Studio

2. Wavespace - Credits by Lachlan Turczan Studio

Wavespace, crafted by Lachlan Turczan for Noor Riyadh 2023 in Saudi Arabia, is a mesmerizing blend of light, sound, and water. This installation takes viewers on a journey where sound transforms into a liquid light spectacle. Turczan’s decade-long research in fluid dynamics and optics culminates in this immersive artwork, where viewers lie beneath a circular screen, witnessing cymatic wave patterns dance above them, sparking imagination and wonder.

Inner Waves – Purely Mental Studio

5. Inner Waves - Credits by Purely Mental Studio

Artur Weber’s Inner Waves also showcased at Noor Riyadh 2023, offers a unique auditory-tactile experience. This interactive sculptural instrument encourages viewers to connect with their inner voice through the synergy of water and sound. As participants touch water-filled vessels, the installation responds with a symphony of light and music, creating a harmonious blend of the physical and the sensory.

THE METAROOM – Kabluka Light And Digital Sculptures

6.THE METAROOM - Credits by Expolight

THE METAROOM by Mykola Kabluka is a technological marvel based in Dubai. This NFT art gallery transforms into a digital universe with the help of advanced projectors, lasers, and sensors. It offers three modes – everyday display of NFTs, thematic Metaworlds experiences, and an interactive Generative mode. Each creates a dynamic environment, engaging visitors in a captivating dance of light and motion.

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