Flutua: redefining Track Lighting Design

Discover Flutua, the contest winner from A.A.G. Stucchi and Accademia Italiana, blending floor and suspension lighting.



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Reimagining the applications of electrified track systems, experimenting with novel solutions, connections, and groundbreaking lighting elements to expand its usage possibilities. The brief shared by A.A.G. Stucchi, a leader in lighting since 1944 producing electrified track systems and the complete ranges of luminaires, for the design competition in collaboration with the Rome campus of Accademia Italiana, a university-level art training institute, engaged second-year students from the Interior and Product Design program. These students were tasked with tackling an exciting theme, presenting practical challenges, as the brand displayed all entries at its booth during the latest Light + Building fair in Frankfurt and selected “Flutua” by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, and Federico Tomassetti as the winning project.

1. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

Flutua wins A.A.G. Stucchi contest with Accademia Italiana: project features and selection rationale

The main goal of the contest was to reinvent the use of the track system by proposing creative and avant-garde lighting solutions. Flutua, noted for its simplicity, extreme functionality, and adaptability, met all objectives. A.A.G. Stucchi praised its victory statin: «The winning project, Flutua, stood out for its exceptional blend of originality and functionality. This concept goes beyond mere reinterpretation, venturing into bold explorations of new uses and installation methods for the low-voltage track, fully meeting the project brief’s demands. Flutua combines maximum production feasibility with astonishing originality and reflects the student group’s exceptional commitment. 

2. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

The meticulous attention given to every aspect of the concept, from product design to construction details and from communication to logo design, is evident in every stage of the creative process».

What is Flutua?

Flutua is an intriguing hybrid between a floor lamp and a suspension light, a track that integrates light sources and moves on a slim metal support, anchored from the ceiling with a counterweight on the floor. 

3. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

Translational movement is facilitated by a device in the middle of the system, which allows height adjustments; this “locking handle” also serves as an aesthetic detail, the sole decorative concession of Flutua, available in four vibrant colors (blue, yellow, purple, and orange).

4. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

The Designers of Flutua discuss their project

In an engaging conversation, the student trio discussed the genesis of Flutua and the details of their proposal. Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, and Federico Tomassetti conveyed their enthusiasm, energy, and extreme professionalism in describing their work.

5. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

How did the idea for Flutua originate, and what are its main features?

«The idea emerged from wanting to breathe new life into a common electrified track, making it as unbounded and free in space as possible. We extensively studied the A.A.G. Stucchi catalog to remain aligned with what the company already offers, aiming to create something ‘concrete’ and consistent with their style. We also visited their headquarters to see and touch their products firsthand. We noticed the brand’s trend towards minimalism and increasingly smaller components, which inspired us. Conceptually, we switched the roles of cable and track, enabling the latter to slide and reposition, not just the lighting elements attached to it. Formally, our main inspiration came from the Parentesi lamp by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu, which guided our design of Flutua. The name itself aptly describes our vision: a light that seems to float in the space between ceiling and floor».

6. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

What is the most innovative aspect of the project?

«Undoubtedly, the most innovative feature is that Flutua moves like a track, making the steel cable the supporting structure for the round track that appears to float in space. Other important aspects include accessories such as display shelves that attach to the structure, enabling new applications for the product, and the ergonomic release and lock handle envisioned in various finishes».

7. Flutua by Cristina Esposito, Alexandra Villalba, Federico Tomassetti

What are the usage modes of the product and its main application potentials?

«The structure with the steel cable can retract to a certain length through a steel spring system, and thanks to a small ballast at the base of the structure, it can be positioned at different heights, either on furniture or directly on the floor. The potential applications are numerous, thanks to the accessory shelves, Flutua can be used in stores as a bright display structure for objects or clothing, and beyond the typical living room setting, we also envision it in open office spaces, where it can serve both as décor and as a means to divide spaces and sectors. The choice of minimalism is not just a stylistic decision but a way to broaden the possibilities of installation».

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