Euroluce 2023, the Italian biennial dedicated to the most innovative lighting design solutions

The 31st edition of the exhibition will take place inside Milan's Salone del Mobile from the 18th to the 23rd of April, in hall 9, 11, 13 and 15.
The 31st edition of the exhibition will take place inside Milan's Salone del Mobile from the 18th to the 23rd of April, in hall 9, 11, 13 and 15.

The lighting design biennial Euroluce 2023 is ready to open its doors to visitors from the 18th to the 23rd of April with important news about its concept, layout and program events. 

For the 31st edition of the exhibition, the Salone del Mobile.Milano asked the architecture firm Lombardini22 to reimagine the biennial spaces to create a new experience for visitors and exhibitors. The result is a series of innovations that will strongly characterize this year’s edition.

1. Do you speak Design? Adv Campaign by Leftloft and Gio Pastori

“The city of Lights” will be the unifying theme of Euroluce 2023

The concept “The city of Lights” is the inspiration that will guide the design of the spaces of Euroluce 2023 by studio Lombardini22. The obscured pavilions that will host the biennial, in fact, will recall the streets and the informal flows of a city. 

This idea will allow the enhancement of the display of lighting design solutions, incorporated in the exhibition “shop-windows”, but also the enrichment of the experience of visitors, who will enjoy cafes, benches, and public areas for rest and conversation.

The inspiration that comes from urban spaces will be an opportunity to illuminate the exhibition in a new way, but also to rethink the public and private spaces and create innovative and engaging experiences.

2. Sketch of Euroluce layout by Lombardini22

The immersive cultural program 

“The city of Lights” will also be the fil-rouge of the cultural program of Euroluce 2023, directed by the architect Beppe Finessi, which will offer meetings, exhibitions, and places of exchange and conviviality inspired by the multifaceted culture of the city and the centrality of light in public spaces.

Among the many initiatives, one of the most interesting is Aurore, an arena designed by Formafantasma studio in Pavilion 13. This space will represent the square of a city, a place for meeting and resting, but also an immersive experience dedicated to light and to the combination of new shapes, colors, and sounds. In this space, there will also be conferences and events dedicated to the intersection of business and culture.

3. Aurore by Formafantasma

Four exhibitions dedicated to the relationship between art and light

The program of Euroluce 2023 will also be enriched by four exhibitions focusing on the importance of light through different points of view and approaches.

Architect Massimo Curzi, for example, will curate and set up the personal exhibition of the photographer Hélène Binet, featuring an original selection of images that investigate the relationship between natural light and architecture.

The concept stylist Martina Sanzarello will set up an exhibition dedicated to the incandescent bulb, to retrace its history and discover its artistic potential.

The third exhibition will be curated by the architect Matteo Pirola and will feature the “artificial stars”: luminous devices that are at the center of the study of “designer-astronomers” and that will be set up by the studio From outer Space. 

Finally, the Architecture Curator Michele Calzavara will stage an exhibition of interior design images where the absolute protagonist is artificial light. The space of Calzavara exposition will be curated by Berfu Bengisu Goren and will also serve as a space for workshops and professional meetings.

4. Press conference Salone del Mobile 2023

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