4 Emerging Designers Shine in Linear Lighting Systems

Explore the latest trends in linear lighting systems by emerging designers. Discover how Viga, Pixeline, Tangram-Trace, and Peerless Proper are reshaping lighting aesthetics and functionality.



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The world of linear lighting systems is seeing a remarkable surge in innovation and creativity, thanks to the efforts of emerging designers and studios. These trailblazers are redefining the aesthetics and functionality of lighting in various environments, proving that lighting is not just a utility but an integral element of design.

Viga – Insight Lighting

Viga” by Insight Lighting is a testament to this evolution. Designed by Jaxon Patterson and Steve Kellison, Viga is a versatile lighting solution, perfect for modern office spaces. Its dual platform allows for multiple lighting effects, while its sleek design integrates the fixture into its environment, creating a unique interplay of light, space, and structure. 

1. Viga by Insight Lighting - Credits Courtesy by Insight Lighting

Insight Lighting’s commitment to sustainability is evident in Viga’s energy-efficient and recyclable design, making it a forward-thinking choice for eco-conscious projects.

Modular Pixel Flex Linear – Vivalyte

Vivalyte bv’s “Modular pixel flex linear” system, conceived by Lei Li and team, revolutionizes architectural illumination. Installed in Brussels, Belgium, this flexible RGBW LED strip transforms building facades into captivating visual experiences. Its modular, weather-proof design offers seamless, infinite-length installations, perfect for customizing large structures.

2. Modular Pixel Flex Linear by Vivalyte - Photo Credits Milena Pliashkevich, Lola Ghysels, Michiel Meersseman

The Pixeline’s energy efficiency and remote programmability exemplify Vivalyte’s dedication to sustainable and innovative lighting solutions.

Tangram-Trace – Eureka Lighting

Eureka Lighting’s “Tangram-Trace” brings an artistic flair to lighting design. The Eureka Lighting Design Team has crafted a system that combines bold straps with a prismatic lens to create striking visuals in modern spaces.

3. Tangram-Trace by Eureka Lighting - Photo Credits Eureka Lighting

Its customizable strap configurations allow for unique designs, making each installation a bespoke piece of art. Tangram-Trace’s focus on sustainability and efficient lighting adds value beyond aesthetics, reflecting Eureka’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Peerless Proper – Acuity Brands – Peerless Lighting

Finally, “Peerless Proper” by Acuity Brands – Peerless Lighting, is a marvel of continuous illumination. Its unique lens technology enables up to 100 linear feet of seamless light, enhancing visual comfort in educational and commercial settings. The Proper luminaire’s easy installation and adaptable lighting distributions make it a practical yet elegant solution. 

4. Peerless Proper by Acuity Brands - Peerless Lighting - Photo Credits Acuity Brands Creative Teams

Acuity Brands’ EarthLIGHT initiative underlines their dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring Proper is as eco-friendly as it is functional.

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