Discover three pioneering Chinese Lighting Designers. Meet Yue Wang, Ya-Hui Cheng, and Xin Tian

Discover three pioneering Chinese Lighting Designers pushing boundaries with innovative projects. Meet Yue Wang, Ya-Hui Cheng, and Xin Tian.



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We present a small selection of Lighting Designers with three significant recent projects that fully embody their innovative style and vision pushing the boundaries of the industry. 

The Lantern Art Space by Yue Wang & Adarc International Studio

Nestled in the ancient Fengjian water town of Shunde, Guangdong, The Lantern Art Space is a harmonious blend of past and future. Led by Yue Wang of Adarc International Studio Limited, this project has breathed new life into old buildings, creating a comprehensive art space that celebrates history and culture.

1. The Lantern Art Space, 2021 by Yue Wang & Adarc International Studio | Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China

The design isn’t just superficial; it dives deep into the soul of the place, echoing its humanistic history through architecture, landscaping, and even culinary experiences. The lighting elements are particularly noteworthy. 

Custom luminous bricks and an advanced control system reimagine the façade, making it come alive at night, almost like ripples on water. And for the eco-conscious, the total energy footprint is a mere 7941 watts, underlining a commitment to environmental sustainability.

2. Detail of the custom luminous bricks | The Lantern Art Space, 2021 by Yue Wang & Adarc International Studio

Restaurant Lighting in Beijing by Ya-Hui Cheng & S.A.Y Design

The name of the game in this Beijing restaurant project led by Ya-Hui Cheng of S.A.Y Design is customization. Every lighting element has been tailor-made to complement the interior design. The team worked with multiple lighting layers—soft glow, accent, and stage light—to create an experience that resonates with drama and contrasts.

3. Jingpuhui Restaurant by Ya-Hui Cheng & S.A.Y Design | Bejing, China

The lighting isn’t just for show; it’s functionally efficient, setting the scene based on time and human-level needs. Low-intensity dim-to-warm LED lights set an intimate tone for late-night dining, balancing tasks and ambient lighting for energy efficiency. In sum, it’s a theatrical play where lighting is the star performer.

The St. Regis Qingdao by Xin Tian & Archilier Architecture

If ever a hotel could be described as a love letter to lighting, it’s The St. Regis Qingdao. Located in Qingdao’s tallest building, the Haitian Center, this project offers breathtaking sea views and a heavenly cityscape. Led by Xin Tian, the team at Archilier Architecture and LTW Designworks has gone to great lengths to integrate local culture with the luxurious aesthetic of the St. Regis brand.

As guests ascend to the 59th-floor lobby, they are greeted by a dazzling crystal chandelier that changes its mood with the time of day. 

The pièce de résistance is a revolving staircase, lit to pay homage to New York’s Gilded Age. 

Lighting in the dining areas is meticulously crafted to enhance both the visual and gastronomic experience. It’s a project where each lighting element adds a new note to a symphonic experience.

6. The dining areas | St. Regis Qingdao by Xin Tian & Archilier Architecture

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